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Just In Time Handling is an Handling operator, leader in the Iberian air freight market.

Holders of the best partnerships with airlines worldwide. JIT HANDLING always provides customers with the best service at the best price on the market!

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JIT Handling is recognised as one of the most relevant HANDLING players worldwide due to our dedication, professionalism and excellence of the services supplied. Established in Oporto, Lisbon, Madrid, Corunna, Barcelona, Alicante and Zaragoza, we hold a team of excellence that works daily in handling operations: from the simplest to the most demanding ones.

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Our motto is to work “Best in Class”, with all the rigor and efficiency that are nowadays necessary to start in a completely globalized world.

To this end, JIT HANDLING has bet on human and financial capital to be one step ahead in the use of technological resources that contribute to efficiency and effectiveness in customer response, with all operational support and anywhere of the world.

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JIT Handling


ACMI: The Atlas Air In Zaragoza

Upon availability and with operational flexibility, the airline was responsible for the aircraft, crew, maintenance of the aircraft and the insurance of the same.
For the second consecutive year, Inditex carries out this operation, and JIT Handling is responsible for the export planning of the following routes: ZAZ-CGO and ZAZ-MEX.
The aircraft, a B747-400F with license plate N445MC, was fully available for JIT GROUP | JIT Handling. Its capacity is around 630m3 and 100,000 kilograms of cargo. Helping the operation was a team of load masters, whose responsibility is to ensure that the distribution and weight of the cargo does not jeopardise flight safety, since they are routes whose flight time is around 11am.

A successful operation.
Congratulations JIT Handling!

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