Our services

Availability 24/7 to our customers and partners worldwide as to fulfil all their needs:
  • Fashion Industry
  • Live Horses Transportation
  • Build up ULD’s
  • AOG´s and Aircraft Cargo Handling
  • Hand carriage
  • Distribution
  • Project Cargo
  • Air Cargo manifest and Handling Systems
  • Customs Clearance
  • Professional Training
  • Standardised It and Operational Systems: Edi, E-Freight
  • Fixed Capacities with Top Carriers / BSA`s
  • Cargo Loading Planning and Monitoring.
01 Network

The practices of a well-nourished Networking may expand professional success. In a platform of exchange of contacts, one may enhance projects, make new contacts and sign great business opportunities.

JIT Handling is your ideal partner!

02 Consultancy

Nowadays business challenges are endless. Current barriers in implementing a good strategy asks for a great know-how, being viceless and a work environment that is both critic and impartial.

Within each specific business goals consultancy proposes:
– To elaborate a diagnosis of the company functional areas;
– To identify its stronger and weaker points;
– To identify its menaces and opportunities;
– To propose specific solutions to the most needed areas after analysis.

Invest with accuracy! We hold the team you need.

03 Professional Training

The bet on professional training as key factor for personal development is a great opportunity, by itself. Consequently it improves and enhances the necessary skills for the business.

In JIT Handling we privilege professional training!

04 Organization

Focusing on constant learning and continuous improvement as to lead to an efficient organisation are key roles for business success.

This has been JIT HANDLING guideline throughout the years.

05 Analysis

To reach a business of excellence is necessary to take hold of the best solutions. In JIT our professionals work using comprehensive analysis and develop highly pin point action profiles.

We match your challenges!

06 Team Allocation

The key to JIT success is investing in integrated management! In this way, our Premium Team Allocation thrives answering the daily challenges.

At JIT Handling we highlight the management of High Performance talented teams!

Our services

The strength of our contact network depends on the quality of established connections and bonds. Along with keeping our network, we seek developing new contacts and spread our wings. We believe that to move forward we rely on our vast knowledge and on the improvement of the existing network.


From the different professional activities we perform, we can stress diagnosis, analysis and drafting of solutions aiming to improve our services. Therefore, our professionals study and implement the necessary improvements.

Professional Training
Professional Training

Our team’s professional training is an asset to the development and productivity of JIT. So, JIT promotes training programs, related to the working field and external professional training. We support our team in continuous learning and in sharing their experience.


To have a good organization is key factor to improve efficiency and increase productivity. In a globalized and in a constant changing World, where demand and pressure are each time higher and higher, it is necessary to hold high efficiency levels that come from good organisation skills.


The constant analysis and audit helps better understanding on how a company procedures and practices work, how to improve provided services and its competition advantages in the market.

Team Allocation
Team Allocation

A way to stand out from the rest is through our ability to allocate teams where they are needed, therefore our collaborators perform their work according to the customer/company needs.

JIT Group

Welcome aboard! It is time to know our “crew”.
It was all thought and organised to welcome you.
A team of excellence awaits you.